Search Engine Optimization continues to be a burgeoning technique and tool for increasing the traffic of a given website; and now, much like everything else, it has gone social. With social media being such an integral part of our daily lives for quite some time now, its value in the sphere of marketing and business has not gone unnoticed. And, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, a business or organization’s social capital is again a major pillar of success. Despite the fact that keyword research is indeed important, it’d be best for content writers to focus on creating highly shareable content first and foremost. Whenever one’s content is tweeted on Twitter, liked on Facebook, “+1ed” on Google Plus or shared on LinkedIn, it receives what, colloquially, we can refer to as a nod of approval – a recognition that the content is of value to others. In turn, the more recognition that any given content receives, the higher it stands on the search-engine totem pole. This is how SEO enhancement works in a nutshell. Anyone interested in increasing the traffic to his or her own website would be wise to expand his or her understanding of the Search Engine Optimization concept, and, as will be touched on shortly, the impact that one’s social capital has on SEO. Listed below are several suggestions – techniques to employ, tools to use – that can further enhance your web-marketability.


AuthorRank  and Google+ Role

SEO Social Media

Although Google+ hasn’t reached the level of popularity that its fellow social media site, Facebook, has, it’d still be wise to not just keep an eye on it, as I’m sure we all are, but to put the service to use. Google AuthorRank, an algorithm used by Google to arrange content in a way such that authors with the most web-popularity are displayed before those of lesser popularity, has made quite the splash in the SEO world. It is this that makes Google+ a valuable tool for web-marketing purposes. Posting great content on a regular basis is a must though; and, although the immediate benefits are not evident in any quantifiable fashion, Google does take note of this and rewards the regularly active.

Email Marketing to help SEO

Email Marketing is one of the more underrated ways in which to further the reach of your content. Utilize it to remind those who have already displayed at least a modicum of interest in your site that you still exist – that you are still relevant. Always send a message announcing new content to your email subscribers. Do not include the entire post; provide the introduction along with a link to your desired content. Once your subscribers land on your blog, they may remain on your website to explore your product or service offerings. Do what you can to keep them there as long as possible. Including a blog section on your website can help in doing just that.

Reach more with Content Syndication

Google even takes note whenever your content gets shared by others. The more it gets shared, the higher your content gets rated in Google’s eyes. Again, this recognition that what you are putting out there is of value to others elevates your search ranking status. The likes, +1s, retweets, and so on, are a confidence booster for a reason – they are an indication to Google that you are popular and important. Further your exposure by promoting your highly shareable content on relevant and esteemed niche websites like Social Media Today and Business 2 Community, and trendy web-content repositories like Tumblr,, Digg and Delicious.

Social Media Synchronized Promotion

As a starting point, be certain to share your content on the following major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Include social icons and sharing buttons. This improves the likelihood that your content reaches a wider audience by making it easier for folks to share your content.

This may be belaboring the obvious, but consistency when it comes to your message is an absolute must. If it takes more than just a trace of mental effort for your potential follower to understand what it is that you have to offer, you will no doubt lose him or her. In the wild west of the web, opacity and obscurity of meaning leads to apathy on the part of the web surfer.

Each social network has its own distinctive culture. If you are aiming to promote yourself in the best way possible, it’s advisable to honor each particular social network’s culture. You don’t use hashtags on LinkdIn – save those for twitter. A common theme among all your channels is important. The more familiar one of your channels is to the other in look and content, the better; synergy is created in following this principle. The combined effect that your web-marketing content has on luring folks into your domain becomes greater than the sum of the separate effects.

Keep in mind, you must already be publishing shareable content, and on a regular basis at that. Without this, the tactics mentioned will not help you much. Publishing shareable content regularly and following the aforementioned techniques will for certain improve the visibility of your website in a search engine’s search results. This accelerates the number of your website’s impressions, or the number of times a viewer sees your website listed whenever typing in relevant search terms. The more aware folks are of your website’s existence, the better your chance at furthering your sales and business objectives, or other objectives, depending on the purpose of your website. You want want to be seen as number one in the eyes of Google, because if you are, it generally follows that you will be seen as number one in the eyes of your potential online followers and/or customers. This makes SEO incredibly important, and it makes it just as important to participate and to be an active player in the social networking-sphere.


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