We take social media very seriously and see it as an opportunity to turn your followers into salespeople. We initiate conversation with them, with each conversation having the potential to turn into a sale. At the very least, we see each interaction as a way to learn about the product, service, or business that we are trying to promote. Here again, much like our approach to design and development, we employ a rational, empirical, consistent methodology: create a plan, execute the plan, observe results, learn, create a new and modified plan, test the modified plan, and so on.

Networtech’s social marketing specialists are incredibly passionate about what they do. They love reaching out to folks and learning about what makes them tick. They love taking their observations from participating in the social networking sphere and using that to identify what could be done to further business growth. We have the enthusiasm and intellectual rigor to help your business to not only survive, but to thrive in the competitive world of online marketing.

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