Everyone knows that good SEO is a vital part of any online marketing campaign. The problem is figuring out how to define “good SEO” as it relates to your particular business. Whether you’re a SEO rookie or an old pro, it’s hard to know which SEO practices are best.

Intuition and luck as much a part of it as careful planning and long-term strategizing, even if experts are reluctant to admit it. One thing about SEO that is predictable, however, is this: the better the branding, the more successful the SEO.

What makes branding so important? Optimizing your online brand identity establishes your website as a leading voice in its industry. What’s more, it helps to distinguish you from the competition by establishing a unique perspective or level of service.

Customers return to their favorite brands because they get something from them that no one else can provide. In collaboration with the search engine marketing experts at Networtech, we can help identify your “difference factor” and display it for maximum effect to an online audience.

Sharing Your Story

The term “branding” can seem cold and impersonal. In truth, we prefer to think of what we do at Networtech as storytelling. Humans have shared stories with one another since the dawn of civilization. In fact, you can draw a line connecting our ancestors painting on cave walls to friends and family members posting articles on our Facebook wall.

Storytelling is a vital cultural and social activity that serves as a means to entertain, or to inform, or to transmit a set of values and beliefs. Branding and online content marketing is no different in that regard, which is why you must be able to tell a story about your company, service or product that will be of value to others.

In applying the rules of storytelling to brand marketing, here are some of the questions one should ask while creating online content:

  • What’s the plot? This question applies to the story about your company as you describe the sequence of events that led to its creation, not to mention its continued existence. Providing this plot to your audience allows them to understand what makes your company tick, which in turn helps them to personally relate to your company’s actions and motivations.
  • Who are the main characters? As humans, we can’t relate to faceless, voiceless corporations. But we can relate to the flesh-and-blood people who shape its identity and culture. For this reason, Networtech works with clients to create “About Us” pages and other content that allows audiences an opportunity to know the people behind the brand.
  • Which storytelling techniques should be used? Your favorite books, movies and TV shows use a whole host of narrative techniques to tell a story: flashbacks, flash-forwards, foreshadowing, dream sequences and more. There are also stylistic elements that enhance a story like metaphors, similes, personification, word play and so on. Don’t be afraid to be creative and apply those narrative tricks of the trade to enhance your brand.
  • Why should audiences care? This is a variation of the “so what?” question behind all great writing. Other questions along these lines include “what makes this (product/service) special?” and “how will this (product/service) help others?” Having good answers to these questions should translate to more people caring about your website and business.

At Networtech, we use clear, potent content and strong visuals to convey your branding message. We work with you to develop your brand identity and analyze how your online marketing compares to others in your industry. The goal is make sure that you stand out from the online crowd by delivering a website that speaks to the specific wants and needs of your clients.

Contact Networteh today to find out more about how we can enhance your online branding and help you soar to the top of the search engine ranks.