About Client:

Northstar PCP Network is composed of a team of motivated, ambitious individuals who, time and time again, deliver fantastic business development and management services for doctor-clinics and practices. Many practices claim that Northstar PCP Network was the best investment they had made in their life – even a better investment than going to University. They are experts in tax planning, in estate planning and in high risk patient management. Their CEO, Mr. Balsha, has been in the development and management business for years. Now, the fruits of his labor are beginning to blossom. Their success is greatly attributed to the brilliance of Mr. Balsha. He makes the big decisions. And one of his biggest and best decisions of all was to hire a team of highly skilled web designers and developers to build for him and his team a fantastic website. Fortunately, for him and for us, he chose Networtech. We made for him among one of the most prepossessing websites. The website is responsive and it has a fabulous Content Management System. Mr. Balsha was certainly pleased with the website. Any compliment coming from a man like Mr. Balsha means a lot to us.

Services & Features Provided

  1. E-Commerce Website
  2. Responsive Web Design
  3. Content Management System