About Client:

Sharp Cleaning’s service is more than just a cleaning service; some like to call it a beautifying service. They treat every abode like it is one of their own. With all this care and effort, they can transform even the most squalid places into their fresh, squeaky clean, beautiful form. Their owner and CEO is among one of the sharpest, most mentally acute fellows in Houston – a man of true moral excellence. He follows a logically consistent methodology that most cleaning services have no idea about. This is what separates Sharp Cleaning from the rest of the pack; they are one step ahead of all of their competition.

When Sharp Cleaning’s business began to blossom, their owner, being the incredibly intelligent man that he is, decided that it was time to step his game up a notch. He decided that it was time to build a website, to get his name out there not just off of peer to peer references, but through being displayed on search engine search results. And so, the rest is history. He decided to contact us and we were more than delighted to provide for him the missing piece of the puzzle.

Services & Features Provided

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Content Management System
  3. Google Map Embed