Thank you for choosing Networtech to complete the design and build of your new website. To ensure that the website is delivered with all the features and functions you desire, we need you to fill out the following Project Specification Sheet.

    General Information

    Who is the target audience for your website?

    What is the goal of your website? (e.g. establish an Internet presence, sell products online, increase sales, generate web leads, provide customer service, etc.)

    What do you like about your current website (if one exists)

    What don’t you like about your current website (if one exists)?

    Please list all the pages your website needs (e.g., Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Contact Us Page, etc.)

    Layout and Design

    Do you want your website to be full-width or fixed-width?

    What color scheme would you like to utilize in the site design?

    Will you provide the images for your website? If not, would you like us to use graphic design or purchase proprietary/stock photos?

    Do you have original design files for your company logo? Please forward them when you return this survey.

    Please list any websites, if any, that have the design and layout you'd like to have for your own website; and explain, in detail, what it is about those sites you find most appealing (e.g., color scheme, font, basic site structure/layout, etc.)

    Website Content:

    What are the titles that should be used on the main menu navigation? If the site has a lot of content and requires sub menu navigation, please include those titles as well.

    Do you have content prepared for the site already? Please return with this survey if so - or refer to where this can be retrieved from an existing site.

    What fields should be used in the contact form? (name, email, phone, message, etc.)

    Please provide an email address to which the form should be mailed to:

    Content Management/Maintenance:

    How often do you anticipate updates to your Website?

    Do you have images available for the website?

    Will you require your website to link into other systems that you may have? (Accounting software, CRM, etc)

    Additional Features:

    Do you need a forum? If yes, please supply a list of the threads (forum subjects) you'd like for us to include in it.

    Do you need a customer registration/log-in feature?

    Do you need a site search engine?

    Do you need password protected private areas?

    Do you need a calendar?

    Web Hosting:

    What is the Domain name of your website?

    What is the login for the Registrar account where the Domain was purchased from?

    Hosting Logins - Please provide details to access your hosting account through FTP and Control Panel.

    Email Accounts


    Please provide any additional information that you feel would be helpful for the design process.