In the PPC-world of today, flipping off those close variants on an actual exact match keyword would permit ads to solely be displayed for “ladies clothes” and not for any of the other misspelled variants. Although this greater “net-approach” of closer variants holds a great many pros, the majority of very sharp advertisers tend to avoid this strategy. The reason for that is that you can’t assure what keyphrases you’ll be spending your ad budget on. Below, we have listed a few instances of 1. close variant matching on keywords occurring when the budget has stringent constraints, or 2. if there exists a chance for a less expensive cost-click:

  • [surgery] —> [surgeon]
    Query – “cosmetic plastic surgery anaheim”
    Keyword – cosmetic plastic surgeon anaheim
  • [cardiology] —> [cardio]
    Query – “cardio prevention program”
    Keyword – “cardiology”
  • [fire] —> [firefighter]
    Query – “german fire helmet”
    Keyword – german firefighter helmet”

Indeed, a vast majority of the above matches are similar in spelling but they are also quite dissimilar in meaning. An individual looking for “cardio” likely is not searching for a doctor who does heart transplants, or a team of cardiologists. For the user who has now drifted away from close variants, it is necessary to keep an incredible amount of attention on those account(s). Not doing so can not only leave a bunch of money on the table, but also be very costly and deplete one’s budget on irrelevant search terms that won’t get you any clicks or conversions. Impressions are always nice, but there is no point in getting an impression if you are absolutely certain that your audience has no interest in what it is that you have to offer.

The thing that makes exact exact matches and phrase matches so wonderful is the fact that users can actually assure that a person doing a search used a particular phrase which caused an ad to trigger. But what is the silver-linnig? It is this: with voice and mobile search, you will more often than not capture those conversions that you did not before. Even though you may think that you’ve got it all down and that your campaigns have been fully optimized, this matching will force you into deeper and deeper dives that hopefully uncover a profitable pay per click pocket. All this has given experts reason to believe that what is in store for advertisers in the future will be something greatly different to what exists in the present. Since the Hummingbird update, along with the shift toward a more object-based advertising approach, experts argue that we are heading in the direction of a “keyword-less world.”

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