Many folks just assume that WordPress is an easy platform, and that, in a matter of hours, one can go from never having built a website, to building something incredibly creative and prepossessing. This is a myth – and sadly, too many folks still believe this massive lie. You hear it all the time: “WordPress is easy; you don’t need to hire a developer, their function is now obsolete.” But then you watch that same person go out there and put in effort to build a website using WordPress, almost every time, they fail miserably.

You see, there is an art and a science to using WordPress, and today, we are going to put in some time to break down what it takes to become a professional WordPress developer. No matter your level of skill or expertise in computer science and programming, there are a few fundamentals that anyone wishing to use WordPress must master. Below is a list of just a few of them. This list is illustrative, and by no means complete.

The Houston WordPress Developer Skill-set

  • Learn the back-end. Without a firm understanding of the back-end of WordPress, without the ability to navigate the back-end with ease, one can never become a WordPress maven. Make sure you learn how to create, edit and delete both pages and posts. Learn about the differences between the two, and lean how to transfer the contents from a post to a page or vice versa.
  • Become familiar with Plugins. Plugins are an absolute godsend. They can help you achieve in a couple of minutes what would have otherwise taken days or even months. Need a slider? No problem, there is a plugin for that. Need to display your portfolio in a neat and professional fashion? No problem, there is a plugin for that as well. The better versed you become in using plugins, the easier your life as a developer will become.
  • Learn how to protect your site. WordPress websites are incredibly powerful. In fact, they are so powerful, that they’ve become the most popular CMS on the planet. The only downside, though, is that because so many people use WordPress, hackers have put a great deal of focus on learning how to break into the back-end of WordPress. But have no fear; so long as you learn how to protect your site, you are fine. Our developers here at Networtech Consulting Group have the requisite WordPress security knowledge. If you have any questions or need some assistance, you can get in touch with them. They’d be more than happy to help you out.

There you have it, folks – now you know a little bit more about how to build a functional, secure WordPress site. Networtech Consulting Group has been working with the platform for many years now. With decades of combined experience, there isn’t a better team of developers in the city of Houston to help deploy your site. So give Networtech a call – they won’t disappoint!