Reliable. Ethical. Trustworthy. The BBB seal stands for all these things and more. For this reason, Networtech is proud to announce that we received BBB Accreditation starting this August. For proof, simply click the link to our BBB Accreditation Business Profile.

The BBB Accreditation Business Profile provides consumers and clients alike with a comprehensive review of a company’s performance. On our Business Profile, users can find such useful information as customer reviews, company overview and a customer review rating.

For the record, we earned an A+ for our performance based on our superior business performance and practices. Networtech is both humbled and grateful to receive such a high grade—rest assured that we will strive to prove ourselves worthy of it!


Consumers have come to rely on the BBB seal of approval to signify the trustworthiness of a particular business. When they see the BBB torch logo on a company website, they tend to believe that it provides reliable and ethical service. Given the high level of credibility that exists for the BBB seal, a BBB-approved company can receive enough additional business that the annual accreditation fees practically pay for themselves!

What exactly makes BBB accredited businesses so trustworthy? For starters, BBB holds strict standards for its participating partners. Businesses are expected to create and distribute marketing collateral that honestly reflects the goods and services they provide. Additionally, they must be transparent in their interactions with the public and are expected to safeguard customer privacy to the greatest extent possible.

Not only do customers respect the BBB seal, so do other businesses. Company owners are fully aware of how difficult it is to achieve BBB accreditation, so they recognize that any business receiving it must have impeccable credentials. Therefore, the BBB seal incentivizes increased B2B commerce and establishes a high level of respect between business partners.

Other benefits of working with a BBB accredited business include the following:

  • BBB Business Profiles, which gives consumers access to a list of businesses in their area that they know can be trusted;
  • Request a Quote, a new feature that allows consumers to search businesses within a given industry and ask them for prices on a particular project;
  • Heightened search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities that come from engaging a BBB-accredited company, along with fully optimized BBB reviews;
  • Increased online lead generation, as BBB has high domain authority and is searched often by consumers;
  • And so much more!

In short, we believe that our new BBB accredited status will give us a competitive edge in the online marketplace. It will heighten our online presence and make it easier for new clients to find us. At the same time, we will still provide the same high level of personalized customer service that our current clientele has come to expect.

Allow us to demonstrate what Networtech can do for you. Take the first step by contacting us today!