The Difference – Night and Day

Today’s Photoshop mavens have the capacity to do virtually anything to an image, but do their talents and expertise translate to the same quality of work when using the software’s first release?

The video shown below clearly depicts that such is not the case. The popular, highly-esteemed E-learning site CreativeLive gathered a handful of the industry’s most prodigious Photoshop experts, assigning them the task to give Adobe Photoshop 1.0 a go. The purpose was to see how well the said experts could put their skills to use – to see whether it was even possible to put out the same quality work with the primitive, 1990 version of Adobe Photoshop.

Because the ancient version lacked the vast majority of the features designers rely on in the present, their performance during the course of the experiment was significantly worse – so much so to merit an article. But this article was designed to celebrate the prodigious progress of Photoshop. In the past 25 years, improvements have been exponential. The video shown below capsulizes in a few minutes more than what could be expressed in any treatise on the topic of Photoshop, its features, utility and progress.

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