For years, we have been exhorting the internet world to focus on responsive web design – to make sure that websites not only look good and presentable on desktops, but on smart phones and handheld devices as well. The purpose has always been to give viewers a wonderful on-site experience no matter whether their device’s screen is 20 inches or 5 inches diagonally. Now, responsive web design doesn’t only matter from an aesthetic standpoint; it has also become incredibly important when it comes to SEO and online marketing. Yes, Google and other popular search engines have made a commitment to reward those websites that also offer a mobile-friendly experience. The more mobile-friendly your website, the higher it will be ranked in Google’s search engine search results. This means that, if there were two websites, both equal in every way conceivable, except that the first was responsive, and the second not, the first would rank higher than the second in Google’s search results.

But I’m sure you’re guessing, how does Google consider a website responsive or not? The following image should help explicate how Google distinguishes one from the other.


The viewport (or display screen) on the right is considered responsive and mobile-friendly, while the one on the left not. To be considered responsive, a website must meet the following requirements:

  • The text cannot be too small.
  • Links must not be too close together.
  • The mobile viewport must be set (see the right viewport in above image).
  • Minimal scrolling – both vertically and horizontally.
  • The website must avoid using flash.
  • The website must load fast – bloated websites cost more money to access.

It is incumbent upon entrepreneurs and business leaders to maximize their web presence to the best of their capabilities. Failure to do so could – and generally does – significantly reduce a venture’s market share. Don’t let your failure to go responsive be the reason you lose out on potential client conversions. Networtech Consulting Group offers aesthetically pleasing and affordable responsive web design services that will surely get your mobile visitors an inimitable web experience.