A website needs traffic for it to serve its purpose. No impressions equals no conversions. In the exact same sense, a business can only do as well as the number of customers it has. No customers equals no sales, no sales equals no revenue. This is definitely why businesses spend such a great amount of money attempting to drive traffic in the direction of their websites.

Google’s AdWords is a great tool for getting traffic to any given website, though it differs from most other forms of SEO. For one thing, it involves paying a premium to Google for the privilege on a per-click basis.

Google’s AdWords is a fantastic tool for driving traffic to one’s site. It certainly is not the same thing as SEO and making the distinction between the two is very important. SEO is done organically; Ad words, through advertising. There is no positive obligation to do either one, though, if one wants to capture more leads, both are incredibly valuable.

A thing that you will notice upon beginning to use AdWords is that Google makes it fairly easy for any individual to launch a campaign. This doesn’t guarantee a positive ROI, though. Many people associate having the top spot in the AdWords search or display network with a positive return on investment. Such a position is no indication of any kind that the marketing is successful. The goal is to optimize your AdWords campaign in order to make sure that you end up getting a lot more out of that which you put in. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up wasting your money – paying for clicks that lead to no conversions. Networtech Consulting Group, a premier web design firm in Houston, offers incredibly affordable AdWords management services. Having successfully increased return on investment by over 15% in both SEO and PPC services, Networtech is confident that it can improve the productivity of your business.

One thing you’ll notice after first getting started with AdWords is that Google makes it pretty simple for anyone to launch a campaign, however, making sure you end up with a decent return on your investment is not so easy. As such, it’s all about optimizing your AdWords campaigns to ensure you end up getting more out than you put in; otherwise, you’re essentially pumping money into a whole heap of nothing.

Clearly, optimization is of great importance. The question that must be asked, though, is: “How can you make it happen?”

Understanding Your Market

To optimize your AdWords campaign, you want to grok your target market. No doubt, whatever stats and figures that you can extract about them will be of use to you. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Try and get a sense of what search terms they will use. Working out how they think will help you potentially dictate their actions and decisions – pure AdWords gold.

Indirect Secondary Keyword Choice

There is a great chance that your primary keywords will be fairly expensive. The reason why is because so many other businesses value those keywords, and want to bid on them as well. The greater the demand, the higher the price. With your secondary keywords, however, it is of great importance to select examples that aren’t directly connected with your products or services. The purpose of this is to expand your coverage. The more ground you cover, the greater the chance that you will get more impressions. If you are confident in your website’s capacity to hold attention and entertain users, then impressions become that much more important. Why? Because the chances of getting conversions is greater.

Site Placement Selection

When choosing to place your ad on other websites, make sure that the websites are relevant to your purpose or cause in some way. For instance, a libertarian philosopher looking to expand awareness about his or her show would place ads on a website that attracts libertarians. One wouldn’t place ads on a socialist, communist website in order to increase impressions. Of course, you can do whatever you want, but it will be a waste of money if you are not circumspect.

To be continued.