SEO. Think of it as an investment with a high return. Far too often, a businessman or entrepreneur gets in contact with a Search Engine Optimization expert, loves what he hears, gets excited about the prospect of becoming more and more visible on the web, and then, upon hearing the price of the service, backs out of making a commitment to purchase the service altogether. Why is that? What happens all of a sudden? One moment he is imagining himself leaving all his competitors in the dust, thanks to being number one on search engine results pages – a position where he can get the majority of the attention and the majority of the clicks. The next moment, he gets an estimate, and out the door he goes. There is a reason for this. And it comes from a state of ignorance. Ignorance about one simple concept: investment.

The difference between the businessman who makes the commitment to have an SEO expert work on his website and the one who recoils at the thought of forking over the dough is that the former knows that it is an investment – one that will help bring in more revenue with time. The latter looks at it as an expense and not as an opportunity to grow and expand.

The top three spots on the first page of Google’s search engine search results attract nearly all the attention. If your website is listed somewhere on the 2nd page, good luck in getting any impressions, much less conversions. Still trying to determine the accuracy of the claim? Ask yourself how many times you go to the second page of a search engine’s display results. The answer, most likely, is hardly ever. You look at the top 3 links, and you click on one, two, or all three of them. If you don’t like what you see, you might check out the fourth or fifth listings, but even that is a rarity. If you’re not in the top three spots, you’re leaving money on the table. By spending money to get to those positions, you will get more of the market’s share. And so long as the business you are receiving thanks to being in those top three spots is greater than the amount you’d be spending on SEO, then no doubt, your investment was well worth the money.

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