If you have a business that you’d like to promote online to generate leads, and you are not familiar with Twitter, then it’s time to change that. For those few who are still in the dark, Twitter is a social media site that helps you share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. And for businessmen – individuals who want to get their name out there on the market – what better tool is there to use in today’s world than a social media platform that gives one the ability to reach out to millions of people worldwide in just seconds? The answer is that there isn’t a better tool. Twitter is the one. With Twitter, you can follow people in order to catch their tweets (short messages) as they send them out. You can also have them follow you so that whenever you send a message out to the Twitter world, your followers will see what you wrote in their feed. With that said, it is vital to stress the importance of increasing the number of followers that you have. The more followers, the wider the reach of your tweets. If you are a Houston Web Design Firm offering wonderful Web Design services, it’d make sense to want to make yourself visible – to let the market know that you are out there and that you can meet the market’s web site design needs. Twitter will help such a company do just that – reach out to people and let them know that their services are available if needed. Below is a graph that displays how much Twitter has grown over time. The improvements have been astronomical.


Search Engine Optimization

It’s hopefully evident that when it comes to marketing, Twitter is a valuable tool used to directly reach out to potential customers. But that’s not the only value one can glean from using Twitter. Twitter is also an incredibly powerful tool for improving SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, rankings. You want to sit atop your competitors in the search engine search results, but how do you get there? How do you dominate the market? How do you make your competitors irrelevant? How do you capture all the leads that are available, leaving none for your competitors?

You work on SEO. You make sure that the Google Search Algorithm notices you. And the way the algorithm takes notice of you and your business comes down to how active you are. Google values fresh content, posted on a regular basis. It also values content that people pay attention to; content that gets likes and retweets and +1s. You want to ensure that you dominate the Twitter domain by getting as many retweets and favorites as possible. But before you do that, you need to increase the amount of followers you have; for if nobody sees your tweets, it doesn’t matter how interesting they are and how helpful they are. Google doesn’t care about what is interesting, they are about what people find interesting. They acknowledge great content when people acknowledge great content through their actions.

A fail-safe method of increasing your follower-base is to use certain keywords in the Twitter search bar that helps you connect with others who are looking for followers. The pound signal is used to distinguish a search term from an username or account name. Here is where win-win negotiation takes place. Individuals looking to improve SEO will help others by following them in return for the favor. This is an ethical, and free-market based solution to becoming more visible in search engine search results.